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Prescribble note-taking app for Agenda VR3 Linux PDA

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  • pixmap icon Prescribble Oh no! Yet Another SketchPad wannabe?
    Not quite. I've been missing a way to enter notes quickly, without struggling with those pesky HWR strokes. I'm probably the only one going to read my notes, so it shouldn't matter that I am the only one capable, right?
    Download the current development snapshot (v0.14) (tar.gz file with 1.2.xS[NOW] mips binary and sourcecode) of Prescribble the note jotting app for people with handwriting as bad as doctors signatures. (Yes, thats where the names from - a mix between prescription and scribble :-)

    (Previous versions: v0.11, v0.10)


    • Multiple note pages - start with 4, and can increase at the end.
    • Horizontal and/or vertical guidelines for easier writing (optional)
    • Simple undo and redo (doesn't work properly for erase yet)
    • Crude erase modes, as well as zoom, box and delete mode.
    • Hack to use .gz files as input/output (run with -ziphack)
    • Very configurable using commandline switches
    • a Ruby script for the workstation, so that you can convert your prescribble.dat file to a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file. I personally plan to use some viewing/converting program (such as Batik) for printing the SVG, when I have notes I want out on paper. (Here is an example of notes, which was 91Kb in Prescribble text format, 126Kb as SVG after running prescrib2svg.rb and 247Kb as JPEG after running export in Batik)
    To do:
    • support tools to make it readable by some other program for printing/viewing/editing on the host computer???
    • clever stroke reduction
    • grid snapping for strokes?
    • (someone wanted clever HWR program connectivity, but that I will probably _never_ get around to even attempt!)
    Well, atleast its yet another dandy FLTK example program :-)

    Looking for a SNOW version?

    See the experimental section with subsections for other versions.
    Prescribble in action (taken on workstation)

    More Agenda stuff (by me):

    Kent Dahl
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