flirc Information Page (2001-08-13)

Hello Agenda Users,

This info page is meant to describe the actual development of flirc, the fast light IRC client. As I don't have very much time for writing docs, this page will become out of date as soon as I upload it somewhere. :)))

The current flirc release is 0.09f.


flirc is an IRC client designed specially with PDAs like the Agenda VR3 in mind. The main criteria for flirc are:

This implies that extraordinary features will be configurable at compile time, so you don't need the whole stuff on your flash disk.

Things that do work

Things that don't work


You can get flirc from:


Here I'll mention anyone who bothers to send me useful patches for flirc...

As of now, the only developer of flirc is Georg Lukas (that's me, yeah ;)

I'd love to get your contributions, ideas, bug reports (e.g. "it crashed without any reason") or just a comment... Just mail me something...