News from flbatt 0.2:
  • Protocol to switch a (capable) charger off upon full charge detection
  • After full charge, goes to sleep upon charger has turned off or trickle
  • Improved non-linear deltaV smoothing
  • Menu entries to test low/flat-batt signalling
  • Button/menu to manually send commands to the charger controller
  • Menu toggle to enable/disable sound
  • Other minor changes in scales, etc.
Flbatt displays (and optionally records) the time evolution of smoothed (running averaged) values of voltage and delta-voltage. Provides accurate independent charging and discharging tables for NiMH batteries and, for maximum accuracy, it can also read custom tables for specific batteries. Flbatt detects and signals low/flat battery and full-charge conditions. In addition, it produces current drain bursts which can drive a simple charger controller to stop the charge (or switch it to trikle) when full charge is detected. This way, flbatt allows for fully automatic battery charging, under complete control of the AgVr3 itself.

More details in the README file, and at the AgendaWiki site. See hardware info at the pages: ChargingCircuits and ChargerAndControl