aqw - Agenda Quikwriting

Based on Quikwriting, it's another way to input text to the Agenda. The main entry method more or less follows Quikwriting, with enhancements for easier Return, Tab, and Backspace key handling: each of the 8 zones used by Quickwriting also accept single-tap input, allowing use of Ctrl and Alt keys combinations as well.

Right now it doesn't have proper function key (F1 - F12) handling, as I can't concoct an elegant way to work it in. If necessary, we could always hack in a droplist that lets you select a key.

As usual, if you use this it's at your own risk. If you try aqw and your cat bursts into flames lemme know (I have a neighbor with an unruly animal...) ;-)

Feedback and ideas welcome -

-D & P