AgToys: Small Tools and Toys for the Agenda(tm) PDA.

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The Agenda is a cool palmtop computer/PDA that runs Linux.

As such, a significant number of standard OpenSource applications have been ported to it - and some new applications that are well-suited to it's small screen size and other limitations have been written. Most of these programs will also run on a PC - but in microscopic fonts in postage-stamp sized windows!

This site attempts to collect those tools into a single one-stop site for free software for your Agenda.

Last change: 2002-02-06

NameVersion Documentation Source Binaries for rootdisk versions
apm-sleep/gbm with awakening events0.6a/0.31a [Documentation] [Source+1.2,1.4]
aqw - Agenda Quikwrite V0.1 [Documentation] [Source] [SVR4] [1.0.8S] [1.2.0S]
discoverer - IrDA discovery app V0.07 [Documentation] [Source] [SVR4] [1.X.0S]
enotes - The Agenda notes app with BlowFish encryption V1.0.2e [Documentation] [Source] [SVR4] [1.0.8S*] [1.1.1S]
flbatt - battery monitor and charger controllerV0.3 [Documentation] [Source] [1.2.0S]
flirc IRC client V0.09d [Documentation] [Source] [SVR4] [1.2.0S]
flmon - The Agenda system resource monitor V0.4.1 [Documentation] [Source] [1.1.0S] [1.2.0S]
flpad - Folders-based LaunchPADV1.8 [Documentation] [Source] [1.2.0S] [Snow1.4]
FLTK Font Browser V1.0 [Documentation] [Source] [SVR4]
fman - Filemanager + beam-support ?-latest [Documentation] [Source] [1.2.0S]
Interactive Word Search Puzzle V2.2 [Documentation] [Source] [SVR4]
mastermind - A simple MasterMind clone v0.0 [Documentation] [ Source & SVR4]
Minimail ?-latest [Documentation] [Source] [1.2.0S]
mpuz - game similar to emacs M-x mpuz V0.51 [Documentation] [Source] [Snow]
Mupo (latest version at kisocd) 0.28 [Documentation] [Old 0.28 Source and 1.2.0S binary]
oneko - cat that runs around your X desktop V1.1b1 [Documentation] [Source] [SVR4]
Prescribble - Freehand note-taking appv0.14 [Documentation] [ Source] [SVR4] [1.1.0S] [1.2.0S]
Ruby - the OO scripting language1.6.5 [Documentation] [1.2.0S]
statusbar - Standard statusbar improvedV1.5 [Documentation] [Source] [Snow1.2] [Snow1.4]
Thumbpad 0.1 [Documentation] [Source] [1.2.0S]
tinyscheme - a tiny Scheme interpreter1.27 [Documentation] [Source] [1.2.0S], [init file]
tweb - a tiny web browser 0.4 [Documentation] [Source] [1.2.0S]
TWReader 1.2 [Documentation] [Source] [1.2.0S]
vim - the Vi IMproved (built with minimal features)6.0 [Documentation] [Source] [1.2.0S]
vrjpegs - JPEG image viewer 0.4.0 [Documentation] [Source] [1.2.0S]
vrsm - A companion of flpadV1.1 [Documentation] [Source] [1.2.0S] [Snow1.4]


*Binaries marked '*' were contributed by other users, not compiled by agtoys members.
SVR4 = original Agenda ABI
Snow = unknown snow version
Number = snow toolchain version number
You can get the snow toolchains from: AgendaWiki SnowToolchain page



Helper tools that run on the PC or host, which help you get the most out of your Agenda.

vcard2contacts Converts VCard files to the contacts.dat format Tamas Bondar [0.03|older]
expenses2qif Converts expenses data to QIF for GnuCash import Kent Dahl [0.05|older]


Name Version Info MD5
simon_0.1 1.2.0S XIP 1d0ff1c372afb2a6d2b78811ad519b3d [Documentation] [ Download]
simon_tcl_0.1.1 1.2.0S XIP + TCL b4aaa71d6883d77e193c456f5fd8b6a2 [Documentation] [ Download]



Programs: There isn't any - if one of these programs breaks, you get to keep *both* pieces.

Rootdisks: If you have problems, found bugs, have suggestions, for any of the simon* rootdisks, feel free to contact Georges about it ;)

Please send bug reports/enhancements to the programs or AgToys to Or, better yet, join the AgToys project.

Agenda-related questions should be directed to the mailing list at the Agenda-SNOW Sourceforge project site. Please don't post them to any of the addresses below because they will NOT be welcome!

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